Oil mill

Cold pressing

The processing process produces premium quality oil. We mill rape seed, sunflower seed and other seeds.

Quality processing

The premium-quality food-grade oils for the catering industry and shops.


3Q 2023

Wholesale prices

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To be completed in 3Q 2023

We are planning to distribute food-grade oil to wholesale customers. We will be selling sunflower and rape-seed oil. We process oils using the gentle HEXAN FRI method.

5l & 10l packaging.

Coming in 3Q 2023.

HEXANE FRI processing technology

No chemicals

Cold pressing technology is mechanical processing with no chemicals.

Caring about the environment

The HEXANE FRI technology cares about the environment. It is ECO-FRIENDLY – maximum environmentally friendly processes.

No waste

The HEXAN FRI technology produces no waste, no solid waste and no waste water.

Safety first

The HEXAN FRI technology is the safest – there is no risk of poisoning or explosion.

The cold pressing temperature is around 40 °C.

The yield is 34 %.

Below are examples of seeds and nuts from which we can extract oil: sunflower seeds, rape seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts, poppy seeds, flax seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.

We use PATENTED MACHINES in their class. The cold press oil machines have an ISO certification, CE certification, compliance certification and certification for home goods.

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